Sunday, April 19, 2009

The Romance in Groceries

I was grocery shopping today and I got stuck behind this couple picking out fruit. The store was busy and I wasn't in a hurry so I decided to take my time and wait for them to move on and then I'd pick my apples. They were an older couple, obviously fresh from church picking up some groceries. I thought they were sweet. Again as I was finished shopping I was walking to my car with my cart full of new food and I realized I was behind them again. They had their two bags and were walking to their car. I kept thinking that's what I want. Then I realized that's what I wanted. As I walked passed them to my car and I noticed their car was parked in a handicapped spot and I started thinking that even when we were old I don't think Mike would park in those spots. We used to park far because we could walk, or took the steps because we could, why not?! My next thought was that he would park there if it were for me, if I needed to be closer to the door. I immediately looked back and saw that the woman was limping a little, and I laughed. Of course I don't know their story but I wanted to assume they had been together 30+ years and had several grandchildren that they get to visit often, etc. It made me smile today.