Tuesday, August 19, 2008

The First One

I love being able to catch up on people from their blogs. I've decided to start one of my own.

Although my days may seem slightly empty now, I look forward to being able to remember how I felt through some of these days. I want to remember the intensity that I feel toward almost everything right now. I want to remember how this deployment impacts me day-to-day. I want to remember the little things that got us through it. I want to remember the days that I would have much rather rolled over and stayed hidden under the covers to fast-forward to tomorrow. When I remember this, I will remember to enjoy where I am. This is my wish of the blog. Run along with me as we get through the last several months of this deployment, plan a wedding, begin to develop a successful career, and start a new life actually TOGETHER with Mike!

My task for tonight- find possible music for the ceremony. My mom and I meet with the musicians on Saturday to disucss options. I'd like to have an idea before then, just incase we need to make any decisions.

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