Friday, August 6, 2010

Is it bad that I love rainy days? Today seems to be shaping up to be pretty gray and rainy. It's been pouring for a while now. I feel like it's a little more acceptable to lay around in my pjs and watch movies or surf the world wide web if its gray and crappy out. It's like the world saying, "Hey, take today off." Off from what I'm not sure, haha, but it's permission to be off.

Last night I layed down in bed and thought, "Why don't you just come down and lay with me in this extremely comfortable bed and we will pretend for a few hours that none of this happened and all we've really experienced is happiness." Wouldn't that be nice. Even if it didn't happen the way I had secretly wished, I slept pretty soundly, waking up occasionally to see Lily was cuddled against me.

...Sigh. Those moments are great, too.

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Mrs P said...

I love rainy days too... Maybe it's a widow thing. I ask every night to dream of him and finally I dreamt of him last night, even though I don't remember it I just had that feeling, ya know? I am glad you got good sleep, I don't doubt that he was there beside you :)