Wednesday, September 3, 2008

It's like my CRACK!

Robeks- it's a smoothie/shake making juice bar of sorts. There is one on my way to work, right before I get on the highway. One morning I stopped for a little breakfast-on-the-run. Fast forward a few weeks and I swear if I know there is one within 10 min and I can find some reason to justify my need for a smoothie, I will have one. There is also a location on the East side, right in the midst of my territory, not helping the problem! My favorite- the Hummingbird which includes guava juice, strawberries, mango, bananas, orange sherbet and ice. The close second-Infinite Orange which is similar to Hummingbird with yogurt instead of sherbet... probably better for you! Curious if there's one near you? Find out!

But, it's blowing my entire savings! Ok not really- I'm a little more practical than that. So, it's just some fruit and yogurt or sherbet, I can make that!! Let me tell you- I've tried. They must have some ultra-high-powered blender, because my little guy could not make it smoothie-like. It was more chunks of ice, in juice, with pureed fruit. Not exactly what I was looking for.

So I find myself needing some type of justification before purchasing a smoothie. Today it was a treat for attending me new workout class. I really didn't want to go, but after I did, I was SO happy that I did yoga for an hour when I normally would have been sitting at home on the computer waisting an hour. But some days it becomes, "Well the house is clean, that deserves a Robeks stop" or "Today is going to be a long day, better start it off with Robeks."

So at the end of the day, Robeks may be healthier for me than crack, but it's draining my wallet just the same!!

**Personal Disclaimer: I have absolutely no experience with actual "crack." Closest I've got is in the movies. I am only using the reference to imply I'm highly addicted!**

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Jessica said...

So, you're freaking hilarious... I want a Robek's right now because of you! No, I've never had one but that Hummingbird sure sounds delicious... Yummy! *I miss you and I love your blog and all your kitty pictures (even though she hates me) and your pictures of you & Mike* I can't wait for next summer :)