Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Headache. Cheesecake. Both cars in the garage.

Just to warn you, there is no point to this post. I have been having these headaches. It's almost everyday. It dulls and it gets more severe but it's so annoying! I take advil, or excedrine(?). I take naps, take my allergy meds. I'm not sure what is the cause of this issue but hopefully I can figure it out and get it taken care of soon.

On another note, I love cheesecake. It is so delicious and I think I could eat it every single day! Good way to gain some weight I guess. It's just a little thing, but it gives me some smiles!

Lastly, I am able to put both cars in the garage. This is so very exciting for me. It happened 2 days ago and I'm still thrilled everytime I get home. My liberty is now my parent's, which worked out better than I could have expected (yay!) and I am able to pull my work car right up next to the wrangler. I look over and pretend that we'll both be enjoying that guy... It will get some good use anyway.


Anne and Andy said...

Yay Stacey, it's the lil things in life that make our days happy sometimes!

Manda Gail said...

mmm...Cheesecake. Thank you for thinking of us. We're so excited to meet our little guy!

Sheena said...

YAY for the little things!

You know, I started getting serious headaches when we got here and I figured out I was just getting severely dehydrated. Are you getting enough water, friend?

Greg and Monica said...

Little things are great things! I second Sheena~water is good. But not as good as cheesecake ;)

Meg said...

I say eat all the cheesecake you need or want, my dear! And I hope your headaches calm down soon....that is just miserable to deal with.