Sunday, May 10, 2009

And we begin another week...

Here we go. My first thought is that once I make it through tomorrow the week should roll on uneventfully. I have plumbers coming in the morning to finally fix our leak and allow me to use the bathtub- yay! (FYI we have a shower, I'm not dirty, it's the spare bathroom with the tub that has a leak into the ceiling below.) I'm really hoping it's a quick, in-and-out job with no surprises. Then I just need to get the ceiling fixed where he will have to make a hole to find and fix the plumbing issue. My second thought is that I need to get the dang cushion re-upholstered. Thanks, Lily. I think that back part did need ripped up.

We also present the scholarship in Michael's name to the receipient tomorrow night. I really have no idea how it will go. I think I can keep it together long enough to read a few sentences and focus on the young student who's burden of paying for college education will be eased, but we'll see.

And, mom made me zucchini bread. Ha :-)Fabulous!


Christina said...

While I realize that presenting the scholarship tomorrow evening will be hard, you are definitely allowing a student to get ahead in college and make something of themselves that they might not be able to do. I pray that you'll have the strength and the courage to get through one more day! :o)

And speaking of Lily chewing up cushions - my puppy, Chloe, chewed up the baseboard. Heh. Silly pups! I know they have LOADS of toys to chew on.

You are forever in my thoughts.

Kelly Driggers said...

Thinking of you sweetie... and letting you know after reading about the zucchini bread-- i ahve been CRAVING it and made it this weekend!!!