Tuesday, May 5, 2009

I Make Lists

It's what I do. I do it most days to remember the things I have to remember. For work or once I get home, random things pop into my head. Tonight I will ramble through a list.

How in the world do I get Lily to wake up at 6:30 again instead of 4 am to go outside?! What has changed my little girl?

My teeth hurt. That's what you get when you forget to go to the dentist for about a year, Stacey!

I'm still pissed about the lady from the pet class last night. Butt out, Lady! Are you a professional dog trainer? I didn't think so, shut your mouth!

I miss him more than I know how to express.

We usually have such a good time at the dog class.

Lily is sleepy, thank goodness!

I think we should go to Florida sooner rather than later. It was my brother's idea and it isn't a bad one.

Lily is thrilled at her new treats from Monica! She loves them so much!

If I hear that Jason Mraz and Colbie Callie(?) song one more time I will drive my car into a tree. Ok I'm just being dramatic, but stop playing it. Please, for my sanity.

I would really love some zucchini bread. I don't have zucchini, or a bread pan, or any idea how to make it.

I want a day just to read. To read and read and read some more would be awesome.

Lily would like to write on the list too, but she has some spelling/typing issues.

Why are my plant's turning a little brown?

I do enjoy that it has been so sunshine-y lately.


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Christina said...

Stacey - This post made me smile, but only because I make lists too! I'm glad there is someone out there doing the same. And a day to read sounds heavenly!

I hope you are doing okay. I think of you often!