Thursday, August 20, 2009

My Yellow Ribbon

If you've seen me in person since Mike passed(or you're incredibly observant of my pictures) you know I have a 3rd ACR charm tied with a yellow ribbon around my wrist, not with the intention of supporting the cause but becasue for a while I put everything I could on me to scream "he was my fiance!" Katie brought it to me the day she arrived from Texas but it wouldn't fit on my necklace, it needed a latch. She had it on a ribbon just so she wouldn't lose it (I think.) In a panic I was walking around our house with no idea what to do with it, like having it physically on me was THE most important thing. Justina very calmly suggested I tie it on my wrist until I figure out anything further. Great idea! She double knotted it for me, and it's been there ever since... until yesterday. It's made it through countless showers, swimming, a golf outting, a job interview, a wedding and almost the whole summer. I literally have not taken it off since that day. People ask what it is, friends and family keep saying, "I'll have to get you a bracelet to put that on." I kept thinking the same thing but at some point I came to like the yellow ribbon. I was tempted find out the exact number of days it made it, but I don't want to know how long it's been. Surprisingly the tattered yellow ribbon did not break like I had expected it would. The actual charm broke free of the loop that held it on. I must have hit it just the right way. So now it's been 1 day with a plain yellow fraying ribbon tied to my wrist and a gold loop just hanging there. I should cut it off, but I haven't yet. I'm not sure what to do- but that's what I liked about it. It wasn't a decision I had to make. It came off in it's own time. I don't think that this means anything crazy, except that I have to make a decision about this ribbon.

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Anne and Andy said...

What a special symbolic way to keep Mike with you at all times!