Tuesday, September 29, 2009

'Widow Garb'

Why do you wear all this widow garb? Doesn't it hurt to see it on you everyday as a constant reminder. Doesn't it hurt when people ask about it? Isn't easier to just keep him in your heart?

I have the black braclet that the men in mikes troop wear on my right arm everyday. if its a fancy dress up occasion I wear the braclet with michaels initals engraved. on days I need extra strength I wear my AWP cuff. I have a yellow ribbon still tied to my left wrist. I know what was there and what it means. I wear my engagemet ring. I wear what would have been my wedding band. We picked it when he was home on R&R and ordered them. He has his in his front pocket. I wear mine. I have a tattoo on my left ribs that says 'faithfully' which would have been our first dance song. It was perfect for us.

so why? why all the garb? I can only speak for me but yes, it can become an uncomfortable conversation when she asks but now she knows. It's bringing it home to her. I wear these things to remuind people what mike gave up
to remind people that there are many people who are in this situation. and mostly so they NEVER EVER FORGET MY HERO. He may not be here on earth with us but he needs to be remembered. not only as Capt Michael J Medders, but also as Michael, Mike, Darz, etc.

It's on me so I remember and so I can share him with the world. He deserves it. thanks baby ;)


Kimberly said...

I think it's great you wear all of that stuff, because Mike, and all of our heroes, are worth remembering forever. Also, I want to see this tattoo!!!! I had no clue! I bet it's beautiful!

Christina said...

What a wonderful tribute to Mike, and an amazing way to remember him daily. You are forever in my thoughts!

Anne and Andy said...

How awesome that you proudly display all of his amazing memories. You are such an example of beautiful grace!

Heather, Brett and Annika said...

I think that is awesome you wear that stuff. I think people do need to ask and that you are strong enough to be able to tell them. We will never forget Mike or the others!