Wednesday, December 1, 2010


I haven't decorated for Christmas since the first Christmas Mike was deployed. I decorated so that I could take pictures and send them to him. This year I have been compelled by some of the people closest to me to decorate, just a little at a time. Yesterday I got a little done, and it has been a nice adjustment because in the process I also have to clean up the house. A little 2-for-1 there.

The Television

The staircase (kind of a work in progress)

I think one of my widow friends put it perfectly. She said that she was always in love with Christmastime. Last year was her first Christmas without her husband and it was so close to his death she didn't even want to think about it. This year she's decided that the way her husband used to make fun of her for getting so excited about Christmas was one of the many ways he showed his love for her, and because he loved that about her, she would continue to be that way. It's a great thing to remember how to be yourself, the "you" that drew in your mate, and be able to embrace that again :)


Victoria said...

Awesome! it looks great! I am so excited to see it in person! and its nice to see, those lights on your stairwell I kind of symbolic of your life right now, the lights are coming back on! (or out!)yay! so happy for you!

MandyMy said...

Ummm...come help decorate my house!! :) Your place is looking great!! Oh, and the last line...perfect! Love you girl!!

Justina said...

Your decorations are absolutely beautiful! I could use some help in that department... I'm such a Scrooge! Love the staircase!