Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Night is the worst time

I remember once while Mike was deployed him saying to me, "Night is the worst time, babe?" and I agreed completely. We both said that even though the night sucked we would just go to sleep because it made time go faster. I think about him saying that all the time now. I lay in bed and think, "You're so right, it is the worst." Except now it really doesn't matter if time goes by quickly, or not. I wonder why the night seemed worse to us. Is it the absence of light, or the 23 hours of the day adding up and pulling you down, or laying in bed looking at where he should be, would be. Who knows. It is what is on my mind tonight.


Greg and Monica said...

I hope you can rest & that the sun brings more strength to you for tomorrow.

Christina said...

You are in my thoughts. I hope that tonight you are able to get some rest. And that maybe tomorrow will be a better day.