Saturday, December 12, 2009

Something to Share

There is a TAPS(Tragedy Assistance Program for Survivors) Magazine that I get quarterly. The fall issues had an article that I remember reading and thinking that it was very well written and articulated. Oddly things come up that trigger memories of what I read in this article. A few weeks after it came out, Amanda brought it up to me, "I found this really great article you have to read!" When she brought it down the stairs I recognized it. I told her I thought it was fantastic too. She said she tried to use it to explain to Nick, but he didn't grab on to it as much. We left it out on their counter and told her mom to read it too. Since it seems to keep coming up, and I really appreciate it, I will share. The address is below (I usually can't get it to link.) The article starts on page 15 and it's by Michele Neff Hernandez.

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~Rachael said...

Oh....I completely missed this article...and could not agree more with it! Love it, thanks for sharing!