Tuesday, March 23, 2010

A More Satisfying Entry

My new sign as you walk up the stairs. Many of my friends know that I've said before my previous one was mocking me-- daring me to live the life I dreamed. I feel better seeing this when I get home. It is so much more "where I am right now."

Along these lines, this theme I am feeling lately, I have more to share.

I'm quoting from another blogger, one of my close friends, Kim,
"And he deserves so much more than me wishfully thinking and waiting on death. This is the choice between sitting in the dark, waiting on death, or venturing back into the light.; even if it is without my greatest joy."

What a powerful statement. I was reading through her last few posts and when I read this one it just hit me. It's so well put, and so easy to understand. I guess it takes a long time and a long journey to actually understand it, to feel how true it is, and to want to live that way. When I read this I can picture the nights where I've sat in my bed, drowing in tears, begging to be able to be with him again. But she is right, her Love, mine, they all deserve more than us waiting, just waiting. It's been this theme I've seen revealed lately, and it's so accurate to what Mike would say to me. The way he lived was to take every opportunity that presented itself. I'm trying so hard to remember that as I keep walking forward. I'm walking forward with him and I won't let go, and I wont move on. He will wakl forward with me, and he will show me in ways that only he can. Crazy to think, but I can feel that so strongly in me now.


Sharon said...

I love what your new "entry sign" symbolizes. I feel better about it, too! Not to mention it's so much prettier :)

Anne and Andy said...

Your sign is so beautiful & inspiration! Just like you :)