Thursday, January 5, 2012

Becoming a Mrs. (Part One)

The wedding- the spotty version as I remember it:

I can't say enough how beautiful, and (literally) perfect everything was for our wedding. Everyone probably says that, but for ours it is true ;)

As the girls and I were waiting in the back room of the church, it was too early for me to put my dress on and the guests began to arrive. Now, it may just have been my endorphins but I began to notice a warm glow take over.

It was the vision I had all along, that I recognized as soon as it took shape, but I could never place it before that night. It was my wedding, as I have always known it.

Nick arrived with his men and all my girls watched from the window, teasing me about how I had to stand in the back corner. I said aloud "I guess I can officially say we're REALLY getting married!"

I step into my dress and my bridesmaid zipped it up with no hesitation. I have to pause a second and tell you how completely thrilled I was that the dress fit so exactly right. About a week earlier it was very, very tight and I was slightly uncomfortable with the way it clung to me.

All day I'd been saying that I was anxious, excited, but not nervous. It was true; I was confident. In no way, shape or form did I feel like this wasn't exactly what we were supposed to be doing.

All my ladies wrote a message on the bottom of my shoes, my something blue.

Dress on, photographer and videographer in the building, someone came back in our room and said, "We're sending people to the balcony!" Awesome- let's pack 'em in!

Sparkling shoes, something borrowed garter and I'm dressed.

At one point as I asked my MOH if she saw Nick out there and she replied, "I see you dad and a LOT of uniforms." That made me so thrilled and even more anxious!

Then it proceeded:
Time for the mothers. Nick's Step-Mom and Mom go down the isle, then my mom and my brother.

Bridesmaids turn... but I hang back because guests are still arriving. MOH hangs with me, we have a little moment. No idea what we said but I wouldn't have wanted anyone else with me :)

Ok, her turn.
I come out, dad tears up.
I'm so ready.
I hear the music, I love it.
They close the doors... we get in place.
One cousin fixes my train, hair, etc. while the other organizes our pre wedding secret (possibly my favorite part).
Our song starts and we see everyone stand.
We wait.
Doors open, we smile and here we go. I don't remember faces from the first half of our walk, I looked straight at Nick. He looked perfect.
I saw my uncle and aunt, I saw my bridesmaids, I saw my brother. I looked back at Nick as he bends his head down and wipes his eyes. I thought for a split second "Wow! I'm not bawling!"

Then we just rolled forward.
Hugged my dad, grabbed Nicks arm and it was over in 20 min.

We were married! I remember toward the end thinking that we got to kiss soon and I was excited.

Then we left, man and wife.

We read the inside of each wedding band because we had them engraved without telling the other one what it said. We loved that our engravings were so similar.

Nick loved my dress, I loved being with him again.

It was magical, as I guess I always hoped it would be. It was very "us"- we wrote our vows, we picked a place, flew in a pastor, had our closest friends. There was meaning behind most every thing. It was special, and perfect, and I can't imagine a single thing changed to make it any more so.

-- All the professional photos were taken by our outstanding photographer- find him here! Steven Mastroianni Photography

(to be continued...update on the part next time...)

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Congrats! I am so excited for you! The ceremony looks beautiful!