Thursday, May 10, 2012

Exercise- keep the blues at bay!

I have been noticing the little black demon of depression creeping in lately.  I read nothing about this, but I almost feel like once you experience a depression, you are so susceptible to it returning.  Now I know what it feels like and I tend to freak a bit when I find myself in some familiar thinking patterns.  Lately I've been suffering more than normal from headaches.  I finally went to the doctor after a tough one that lasted several days and we discussed my history. (It's always such a process to discuss my "history" with a new doctor).  He mentioned that it's not to surprising that I would have more headaches brought on by tension as my body is fresh off the antidepressant and may be learning to deal with the levels of stress.  My neck and head muscles are crazy tight, so we just have to work with that and recognize I've been completely off for about 2 months, after being on for something like 9-10 years. Ya, that puts it into perspective. 

Regardless, while I had this headache I didn't workout.  It ended up being about 7 days that I didn't do more than take a short walk with Lily, if that.  That's when it was really creeping in. One morning I texted Nick that I was so angry and so scared that I would have to go back.  Like the rock he is, he reminded me to take a few breaths, get through the day, be patient and know it will all be fine.  I think not working out, not getting those feel good chemicals, definitely had an impact on my mental state.

I found this article today at and it's right along those lines.  I've never actually known that there are 4 chemicals released by your CNS that help you feel better.  I love the end when it tells you you you don't have to wait to reap the benefits- you'll feel them as soon as you start.  Just wanted to share with you- even if you don't want to, it may help your spirits a bit!

Improve Your Central Nervous System through Exercise. 

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